Easter 2020

Can't Serve at Easter?

If you can't serve at Easter but would still like the opporutnity to serve during our regular services or other events, click the button below to join a team today.

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Serving Opportunities

Baptism Check In Coordinator
Check in pre-registered and register spontaneous baptisms, distribute shirts, shorts, and bags if needed and communicate the with Baptism Director the number of baptisms. Also to make sure the pre-registered people are checked in and receive their baptism shirt.

Baptism Runner
Help clean up and maintain towels & mats in both the female and male restrooms. You will help assist people being baptized.

Baptism Support Member
Make sure the baptismal is filled, clean and heated. Also, monitor the floors to keep them as dry as possible in the hall area.

Baptistry Assistant
Manage and monitor the baptism line and communicate to the registration team and chaperone team so that you can let the Baptizer know how many people are being baptized and also assist those being baptized enter and exit the baptismal area.

Communion Prep
Prepare and refill communion trays after service to help guests connect with Jesus.

Door Greeter
Help guests feel valued and welcomed with a sincere greeting, friendly presence and cheerful goodbye at our exterior and auditorium doors.

Infant/Toddler Leader
Love and cuddle our babies/toddlers

Hospitality Server
Create a comfortable environment by providing great coffee at a welcoming, clean and stocked coffee bar.

Info Center Host
Serve our guests by providing answers to questions, giving clear information and helping them take the next steps.

Paint by Number Helper
Pass out paint for paint-by-number art installation at the weekend services before on April 5.

Parking Team Member
Initiate a warm welcome in the parking lot, clear directions and a fond farewell.

Small Group Leader (Elementary)
Co-lead with pre-printed programming for Kindergarten - 5th grade.

Small Group Leader (Preschool)
Co-lead with pre-printed programming for 2 -5 year olds

Ushers - Initiate a warm greeting, proactively seat guests, and sensitively remove distractions from the auditorium. Communion Servers - Serve the communion elements in an organized, efficient and respectful manner during Sunday services.

Collect and wash towels after the baptism service